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Justin Wieners

Justin Wieners

The Jersey Project


We decided to create a loyalty gift for employees who had reached their 1-year milestone. And if you make a jersey... you better do it right.

We wanted to start a loyalty program for employees that would give people nice gifts at certain milestones with the company. As a sports company, we decided that a jersey would be perfect for associates who reached 1 year with FanThreeSixty.

I am a bit of a jersey collector, and was tapped to help create the first FanThreeSixty jerseys. So I started with some research to help guide our process, then presented the findings. What I learned:

Lettering has been a hobby of mine, but I didn't expect the logo to be so difficult to create. With the help of Chris Jones, our Creative Director, I came up with a serviceable jersey logo after about..... 27 versions.

It's now one of my favorite things I've made, so it was well worth the work.

We've produced close to 100 FanThreeSixty custom jerseys, the logo is now used for culture and marketing purposes, and, boy, does it looks great on a baseball card.