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Justin Wieners

Justin Wieners

Website Redesign

May 2021

We needed our website to showcase the ease of our platform and to put our best foot forward.

"Fisher Price Easy"

Many sports organizations are lean on resources. They have small teams of people who are responsible for marketing, ticket sales, fan engagement, etc. – and these small teams need tools to help them do "more with less".

Our job is to make life easier for these teams, and to be a trusted advisor as they grow their business. We wanted our website to be informative, approachable, and explain our products as simple as possible.

Silicon Prairie

Good tech doesn't always come from California. One of our company mantras is that we are "small but mighty". There's no reason our website shouldn't match the quality of any other top-tier tech startup. is 100% custom. You won't be able to find the templates in a marketplace or on any other website. We designed it the way we wanted, and built it the way we designed it. I'm very proud of the results: a professional, clean, and inviting site that also fits the design library of our software.

Build it quickly, make it scalable

To get the site up as quickly as possible (and to make sure it was easy to maintain later on), the 20+ pages are made from just 3 layout templates. This makes it easy to add a new product or industry page and it helps the site load lightening fast.

Using the Hubspot CMS (Hubl + html), the pages and modules are editable so that they can be updated by anyone on the team. Simply go into edit mode and type into the form fields. No code necessary.

💫 See it live

Since the launch in May '21, monthly page views are higher than the previous average, and we continue to see high-quality leads reach out to us via the contact page.