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Justin Wieners

Justin Wieners

The Playbook

March 2021

Every win starts with a good playbook

FanThreeSixty's goal is to help sports orgs grow their fanbase... as well as their bottom line. Our products were built to make sports business easier, because we know that saving time is saving money.

The Playbook is a tool that helps new clients onboard quickly and provides inspiration to clients who have been around long-term. We include articles that:

Good content isn't easy

It's one thing to have an opinion or come up with a good idea. It's a whole new ballgame when you have to convince someone else to spend their valuable time making it happen.

Many sports teams have limited resources to start with, so even good "ideas" are just an extra task to do. Working with our data scientists, client team, and product managers... we continue to provide metrics and insights from around the industry to prove that:

Empowering anyone to publish

Most contributors to the Playbook aren't engineers – they're client reps, marketers, or writers.

Using the Hubspot CMS (Hubl + html), the pages and modules are editable so that they can be updated by anyone on the team. Simply go into edit mode and type into the form fields. No code necessary.

🏈 The Playbook